Our training programme

Training covers the effective teaching of all Core and Foundation subjects, the wider curriculum and other current educational issues as well as developing trainees’ ICT skills. Central England Teacher Training SCITT works in partnership with a range of primary schools in the West Midlands to offer 2 courses: Primary and Primary with EYFS.

The course is structured so that trainees gain hands on experience in schools from the very beginning. Trainees spend a day a week in schools from September and the 1st placement commences October for 11 weeks. During this time there are also opportunities to visit other partnership schools to further develop practice. In the final term there is another final assessed placement in another partnership school. Each trainee is assigned a mentor in each school and a tutor who together support and guide them through their professional development. Throughout the year trainees complete school-directed tasks and assignments which build up a range of evidence against the Teachers’ Standards for their Professional Portfolio which is a core requirement for the successful completion of the course.

The taught course

The taught course is delivered by a range of highly qualified tutors and outstanding practitioners, who lead the different components according to their expertise and experience. Sessions are delivered from Victoria Park Academy and a variety of other school venues, offering a realistic educational context for study, often involving practical, school-based activity and observations.  Trainee audits, seminars and tutorials develop subject knowledge and confidence in core subjects, and ensure a high level of academic success. All assignments are designed to complement your practice in schools and to extend your reading and reflection on the links between theory and practice whilst encouraging innovative ideas and addressing current educational priorities.

Why choose CETT?

Undertaking your training with Central England Teacher Training provides you with the opportunity to be immersed in the ‘real, immersive and purposeful –RIP’ curriculum that is unique to schools within Victoria Academies Trust. Here you will see examples of immersive teaching that are embedded in a curriculum designed to be linked to real-life, purposeful learning for the children in our schools. We believe our children leave our schools with a passion for learning that has links to social enterprise and their local communities. The communities that our schools serve are diverse and you will be able to work closely with children from a range of different backgrounds. You will also have the opportunity of working with a range of partners; seeing first-hand how creativity and the arts can feed into the delivery of exciting and engaging lessons across the curriculum.

We offer a personalised, supportive and professional training programme, with excellent outcomes for employment post training – 100% of trainees who completed the programme in 2015/16 went on to secure teaching positions to complete their NQT year. 100% of trainees who completed the programme in 2016/17 have secured teaching positions and are beginning their NQT year.

What others say

Undertaking my teacher training with CETT provided me with a range of fantastic opportunities to visit schools within the Trust as well as other associated schools. I observed practice in a variety of settings and was trained by experienced teachers and current school leaders. I was also fortunate to work with various creative partners which I really enjoyed. Overall, training with CETT provided me with a wide range of experiences to develop my teaching practice.

Kiran Kaur NQT and former CETT trainee

CETT is an enjoyable course with a very supportive network of teachers and trainees. The course is structured so that you are able to prepare yourself for your attachment schools and the vast knowledge demonstrated by the lecturers, who are current in their teaching practice, is fantastic. A definite worthwhile course.

Martin Haston - current CETT trainee, 2016/2017


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